Press Release - Diamond360


Faltz Group and D.B.O. proudly announces the launch of its new Diamond 360° photography system.

The Diamond 360° photography system makes HD movies and high resolution photos of jewelry and diamonds.

From now on, our clients will receive on demand a 360° high definition movie and high resolution photos of the requested items.

Quality of videos and pictures is remarkable. It is now possible to see VVS inclusions, as well as the laser inscription. We are the only shooting the diamonds on a seamless white background, for a more reliable color grade. Your company logo can also be added.

We warmly welcome you to try our new system, offering to you and your clients a better buying experience.

The Diamond 360° photography system is offered for sale to companies looking to enhance their clients experience and items visuality.

Our package offers the computer controlled smart light table, software and cloud storage. Operating the system doesn't require pervious knowledge in photography, as all functions (light table & camera) are controlled by the software.
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