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The 5th Element

At Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry, we hold genuine beauty, quality and precision to the highest regard. The 5th element line is our flagship design, based on a technique that applies 5 prongs to securing a stone within its jewel. The technique stems from our understanding that superior-quality jewels require innovative engineering to introduce a level of quality that both fortifies their beauty and enhances their durability. In his quest for an ever-heightening level of perfection and precision, Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry’s founder Edi Faltz, developed the 5th Element technique together with a forum of engineers from various disciplines. The 5th Element ensures that each stone set in our diamond jewelry is secured by an additional prong, thereby significantly reducing the risk of losing a stone. It is also our 5th Element approach that enables for example the design of a pair of earrings that will create an illusion of ear symmetry despite the naturally asymmetric position, size and shape of any two ears in a pair. The 5th Element diamond jewels are designed to enhance your beauty as well as that of the jewel, and to make timeless pieces truly last.


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