Investing in Fancy Color Diamonds

Smart investors are turning to diamonds for their consistent long-term growth in value, their mobility and extreme durability, and for the stability a diamond investment offers in comparison to traditional investment channels. Faltz Investment Diamonds was established to provide investors with customized, comprehensive solutions for investing in all types of diamonds. We offer our expertise and services throughout the entire process of diamond investment, from buying at the source to selling at the right time and price to meet the needs of each of our customers.

When it comes to investing in diamonds, the natural fancy colored diamond represents a particularly attractive opportunity for long term profitability. Color diamonds continue to break record after record in auction prices, including the 2 most expensive diamonds ever sold in history.

Natural color diamonds are even rarer in supply than white diamonds, with 1 carat n every 10,000 mined today being of color. Moreover, with many of the mines producing color diamonds are nearing the end of their productive life, market supply is expected to continually decrease over the next few years.

At the same time, demand for color diamonds continues to rise among wealthy celebrities, collectors and investors. Color diamonds are seeing astounding annual price growth rates of between 10%-40% depending on their color and coinciding rarity. As a result, color diamonds are offering remarkable returns for the incisive investor.

From pink to yellow, and through all the glorious 230 possible color combos that determine the beauty and value of each color diamond, Faltz Investment Diamonds deploys the advantage of a cultivated network of source suppliers to stock an inventory of genuinely beautiful natural color diamonds.

With color diamonds being a particular favorite of ours, we have developed expertise in locating, identifying and buying natural color diamonds that will necessarily present sound long-term investments for our customers.  

For a solution provider you can trust to protect your interests and privacy, call upon our experts for your next investment in fancy color diamonds.