Free International Shipping

Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry offers free international shipping to any destination via a number of partners that have proven expertise in delivering diamonds and diamond jewelry safely and reliably. All purchases will be fully insured by Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry and will be delivered with an invoice and any requested certification.

Our partners are world leaders in this field offering speedy delivery time of up to 3 business days in most cases. Shipping times may vary in line with a destination. Items will be shipped upon payment in full. Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry does not assume responsibility for any additional taxes, duties or special charges imposed by local government.  We do recommend that you familiarize yourself with local tax requirements prior to purchase.

Out partners will deliver in specialized sealed packaging and provide any necessary high-security storage facilities while in transit. As our customers you will benefit from the confidence that any piece or stone we ship and deliver will be monitored closely and continually authenticated while in transit.

The Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry group was founded on precision, perfection and punctuality that are present in everything we do for you. We understand that this issue can be daunting and we are at your service to help with any questions that may arise in this matter.

The above terms and conditions are valid in regards to stones that we have in our inventory, and will be amended in cases that involve a specially ordered and polished stone.