Delivery Companies

The Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry group works with a number of international shipping and delivery companies that are proven experts in moving diamonds and luxury jewelry. Our partners offer specialized sealed packaging, fully insured delivery processes and high-security storage facilities.

The Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry group was founded on precision, perfection and punctuality that are present in everything we do for you. As our customers, you will benefit from the confidence that any piece or stone we ship and deliver will be monitored closely and continually authenticated while in transit.

Our years of experience have taught us that diamonds require a dedicated solution, and we work with the most proficient and proven leaders in this field:


With offices and agents in 31 countries, along with a comprehensive international network of partners and affiliates, Malca-Amit’s commitment to an unsurpassed level of excellence in customer service, delivers absolute peace of mind while your precious cargo is in transit. Malca-Amit’s worldwide network and commitment to the highest standards of security in all logistical solutions enables overnight secured delivery of precious cargo to all major diamond and jewelry centers – as well as rapid secured delivery to almost any destination worldwide.

With a powerfully integrated chain of supply, Malca Amit is unmatched in its breadth of offering in this field and in its ability to provide solutions such as onsite inspection and quality control, constant traceability and storage in bonded warehouse facilities.


Brinks is a global leader in security-related services for banks, financial institutions, mines, retailers, diamond and jewelry industries, pharmaceuticals and a variety of other commercial and governmental customers. From armored transportation to cash management, the company's services also include money processing, long-distance transport of valuables, vaulting and other value-added solutions.

Today, thousands of companies across the globe entrust Brink's with their most precious assets.


At Faltz Investment Diamonds we do not take shortcuts. If your diamond investment strategy requires storage at any point during the process or while in transit, we will provide this service through our integrated chain of supply. We work with world-leading partners that have proven experience in secure storage of diamonds, so that we know that your investment is insured and in good hands at all times.

Our partners will protect and store your investment for you in secured, bonded warehouse facilities with designated areas for the handling of your valuables with guards, CCTV, vaults and cages. Your stone or jewel will remain sealed at all times and is continually inspected for its authenticity.

You are also welcome to provide your own storage facilities, should you desire to do so. 


Malca-Amit’s highly-secured global storage facilities are recognized market
leaders. Security at each vault is paramount. Physical surveillance and security systems, in unison with the vetting and training of our staff, are complemented by our global monitoring and response station ensuring uncompromised security at all times.