Diamond Grading & Certification

Diamond grading reports, often referred to as a diamond certificate, is a formal, scientifically-based assessment of a diamond, based on the shape and features that are individual to it. The Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry group work with a number of widely recognized entities that provide diamond grading reports according to a quality grading system known as the "4 Cs" - Clarity, Cut, Carat and Color. Every report informs us of the authenticity of the diamond, as well as its proportions and finish.

Diamonds should only change hands when accompanied by a certificate/ report attesting to quality. The diamond certificate will provide our diamond appraiser with information about the diamond's qualities and features, which will assist in determining the value of the stone in current market conditions. Our appraiser will also conduct an independent, comprehensive evaluation of the diamond's background, its origin, its legitimacy and the accuracy of its certificate.

At this stage, as in every stage throughout the process, we will support your independent authentication process should you wish to conduct one in parallel.

We work with a range of leading diamond certifiers worldwide, to meet a variation of customer needs:

GIA (Gemological Institute of America)

Established in 1931, GIA is accredited for developing the International Diamond Grading System and the 4Cs as a way to objectively compare and evaluate diamonds. GIA is a nonprofit, public benefit research and educational institution, GIA is as an independent and impartial entity for evaluating the quality of gems and delivering unbiased information on them. GIA do not sell gemstones, nor do they represent the interests of gem sellers. People from all over the world rely on GIA when it comes to identifying and evaluating gem materials. The GIA Diamond Grading Report and the GIA Diamond Dossier® are considered to be the world's premier credentials of diamond quality.

IGI (International Gemological Institute)

IGI Diamond Reports give an accurate assessment of a diamond's cut, color, clarity and carat weight according to strict international standards. IGI Diamond Reports are issued for diamonds of any size; a plotted diagram of the characteristics and a graphic representation of proportions appear on many of their documents. Regardless of location or marketplace, an authentic IGI Laboratory Report is the common language of trust and confidence in the gemological world.

AGS (American Gem Society)

AGS Laboratories, LLC was founded to provide fast, consistent, and accurate diamond grading reports to the diamond manufacturing and retail jewelry communities. The Laboratory is associated with the retail members of the American Gem Society®, a group of over 1,200 jewelry retailers in Canada and the United States, and is responsible to its founding principles, the AGS Laboratories. AGS Laboratories is recognized for accurate and consistent grading of diamonds by knowledgeable professionals.

HRD Antwerp

The Diamond Lab of HRD Antwerp was founded in 1976 to meet the growing demand for reliable diamond certificates or grading reports. It's the largest diamond lab in the world to conform to the rules for grading polished diamonds set by the International Diamond Council. These rules have been approved by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association, the industry's two leading representative bodies. The Diamond Lab is officially accredited according to the stringent international standards of NBN EN ISO/IEC 17025, specifically designed for laboratories by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

EGL (European Gemological Laboratory)

EGL International was founded in Belgium in 1974. The company operates with a strong driving force and serves its worldwide customer base with a clear vision: to provide reliable and expert diamond grading, certification and appraisal services and protect the public interest. To meet these objectives and all professional standards associated with the diamond industry, EGL International employs a highly qualified workforce consisting of experienced gemologists and diamond appraisers. EGL International issues a Conflict Free Diamond declaration on its diamond certificates. EGL International meets ISO-9001-2008 and IQNet standard requirements.