White Diamonds

White diamonds

White diamonds hold a timeless beauty that is unaffected by any passing fashion or trend and the search for the perfect or flawless stone is everlasting. Color is the second C in line of 4 Cs after Cut, and it is determined by the level of chemical purity in each stone. The highest possible color grade for the white diamond is a D, while Z is the lowest. Diamonds that are of a stronger hue or intensity of yellow or brown are called Fancy Color diamonds. Among the Fancy Color diamonds, a yellow hue will reduce the value of a diamond, whereas a pink or blue diamond will be significantly more valuable.

Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry was founded upon a true appreciation of the classic, genuinely beautiful white diamond and on a passion for the diamond world. We buy diamonds, design and market our custom diamond jewelry, and provide dedicated solutions for investing in white and fancy color diamonds to private customers, jewelry stores and to investment banks. All our diamonds are of legitimate, ethical sources and of the highest-quality. But our greatest advantage lies in our ability to be a trusted partner to our customers, committed to meeting your individual long and short-term needs.

We have developed expertise in locating beautiful, quality white diamonds, and in suiting our exquisite stones and the jewels they are often adorned in - to the right customer. We will guide you through the process of choosing, buying, designing jewels for, storing or investing in some of the world’s most beautiful diamonds and luxury diamond jewelry. Our inventory is composed of white and fancy color diamonds that have been assessed for their value and legitimacy – and chosen for their beauty and their Character. If you require a specific white diamond that we do not currently hold, we will do our best to obtain it for you and help you cut costs and complexities in the process.  

White Diamond Color Chart


Noticeable color. Not carried.


Noticeable color. Not carried.








Absolutely colorless. (Extremely rare)