Fancy Diamonds

Fancy Color Diamonds

Over the past thirty years, the value of Fancy Color Diamonds has been continually rising due to an ongoing increase in their popularity and demand, as well as a consistent decline in their supply. Color diamond jewelry is featured in fashion magazines and advertisements as a symbol of luxury and aesthetic sophistication. Often referred to as Fancy Loose Color or Natural Color Diamonds, these exquisite stones are sought after for their beauty as well as for their investment value. High-quality Color Diamonds have been breaking record after record in diamond auctions around the world, and the highest selling diamonds ever are large fancy colored diamonds, sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Fancy Color Diamonds are found in 12 different colors with over 234 color combinations resulting from varying hues and intensities, creating seemingly endless ranges of beautiful fancy pink, fancy blue, fancy green, fancy yellow, fancy grey, fancy purple and even fancy white. Although Fancy Color diamonds are also graded for their 4 C’s, there are slight variations in the way that the stone is both polished and cut in order to emphasize its color. With fancy color diamonds, it is the presence of the color and its intensity that increase its value. This comes in opposition to the White Diamond that is valued for its lack of color.

Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry has developed expertise in sourcing high-quality Fancy Color Diamonds for jewelry and investment. Our Diamond Buying Office (DBO) offers the advantage of long-term insight and long-term associations with source suppliers and private estate collections. We hold a rich inventory of Fancy Color Diamonds and we also design and market our Fancy Color Diamond jewelry. Faltz Investment Diamonds (FID) offers end-to-end investment solutions and opportunities to private investors, investment houses, banks and jewelry stores.

Our natural fancy color diamonds are chosen for their authenticity and legitimacy, but also for their genuine beauty and long-term value potential. We look for those attributes that are identified only by highly-experienced professionals, with a proven eye for what we refer to as the stone’s “Character” or 5th C. We take pride in our many long-term customer relationships, built on trust and on our commitment to meeting each customer’s needs with precision and in a timely manner.

The Fancy Color Diamond makes for both an astounding jewel and for a sound investment and we offer our services in becoming your trusted partner in the diamond world.