Diamond 360°

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Diamond 360° photography system, a Diamond imaging solution by - Edi Faltz, DBO - Faltz Group
The Diamond 360° photography system makes HD movies and high resolution photos of jewelry and diamonds.
Our package offers the computer controlled smart light table, software bundle and cloud storage service. System operation doesn't require previous knowledge in photography, as all functions (light table & camera) are controlled by the software.
Quality of output videos and photos is remarkable, as It is now possible to see VVS inclusions, as well as the laser inscription.
Diamond photography is done on a seamless white background, for a more reliable color grade. Your company logo can be also be added.

The Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry Group houses several lines of business that work in synchronicity to meet the comprehensive needs of various diamond consumers. The group was established under the guidance of Edi Faltz, a highly experienced diamond dealer with an in-depth understanding of the diamond world and a clear vision of its future. The Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry group is unmatched in its ability to provide customers with stones that are of the highest quality at a buyer’s price.

3D diamonds views