The Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry Group houses several lines of business that work in synchronicity to meet the comprehensive needs of various diamond consumers. The group was established under the guidance of Edi Faltz, a highly experienced diamond dealer with an in-depth understanding of the diamond world and a clear vision of its future. The Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry group is unmatched in its ability to provide customers with stones that are of the highest quality at a buyer’s price. The various lines of Jewelry manufactured by the group is both designed and created through a range of exclusive, innovative tools and techniques developed by Edi and his colleagues over their many years of experience.

Company Structure

·        Diamond Buying Office (DBO) – Our inbound line of business, responsible for buying and stocking the group’s stones.

·        Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry – Our retail line of business provides the finest certified diamonds and diamond jewelry.

·        Faltz Investment Diamonds –Provides end-to-end information and solutions to investors that are seeking quality diamond investments.


About Edi Faltz

I love everything about the diamond world, but if I have to narrow it down I would say I love its speed, the unsaid oath of loyalty between all of us and the interminable, unquestionable beauty this exciting world has to offer. Edi (“Fast Edi”) Faltz, 2014.

Although he originally pursued an education and career in Finance and Marketing, Edi Faltz “stumbled upon” the diamond world many years ago when applying for a job with what he later learned was a long-standing reputable family of diamond dealers. He was instantly ‘hooked’ and quickly recognized as a fast, smart mover with an eye for genuine beauty. For years to come, Edi was taken under the family’s wings and educated intensely in the multi-faceted world of diamonds.

When the time came, Edi continued to pursue his career independently, a period during which he worked for a number of the world’s leading diamond buyers, manufacturers and dealers, locating quality rough diamonds and polishing them to perfection. He lived and worked all over Europe, and forged alliances with some of the world’s leading players in this arena, including mines, jewelers and bankers.

From there, Edi continued to develop his expertise when he entered the world of watchmaking, where he learned all there is to know about the strengths and weaknesses of this highly-complex practice. In the world of watchmaking, Edi worked with an elite forum of engineers from various disciplines such as rocket science, dental medicine and robotics to develop innovative techniques, tools and components that are applied in the design and making of the Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry’s pieces to this day.

His out-of-the-box approach as well as his firm belief in the superiority of precision and perfection led him to become known as “Fast Edi” - the go-to person for some of the world’s foremost watch manufacturers and jewelers. Prior to founding his own company, Edi worked for market leaders such as Credit Suisse and UBS.

The Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry group of companies is a source of trust and long-term dedication for private and enterprise customers in Europe, the United Arab Emirates, India, South Africa and Israel. DBO (Diamond Buying Office) the first of the Group’s companies to be established, responsible for locating and buying the world’s finest and most genuinely beautiful diamonds. Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry designs and manufactures timeless diamond jewelry. Faltz Investment Diamonds, the latest addition to the group, was established to provide the diamond world with dedicated solutions for investing in diamonds.

Edi is driven by the story behind each diamond and jewel his group of companies’ encounters. He works in synchronicity with his designers, his craftsmen, his buyers and above all- with his customers to ensure that every detail is perfect. The stones are assessed for their legitimacy as well as for their genuine beauty; each jewel is designed and created with a consummate level of craftsmanship that is extremely hard to come by in the diamond world.

Today, Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry has grown to be a group of companies that work in partnership to provide customers superior stones, jewels and investment diamonds with end-to-end solutions that work in their benefit. Edi is an active member of the Rotary Club and a past-master member of the Freemasons club. He is a hard-working family man, a film buff and above all – a reputable professional who has been lucky enough to be successful in the world of diamonds he loves so much.



Established in 1993, DBO is the Diamond Buying Office of the Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry group of companies. DBO is a professional diamond buying office that supplies stones to the Group’s various lines of business as well as directly to jewelry stores, diamond dealerships, investment house and banks all over the world. Founded by reputable diamond dealer Edi Faltz, DBO specializes in locating quality stones and buying “at the source” – a practice which is facilitated by a vast and cultivated structure of ties with the world’s leading diamond mines, investors and private stock suppliers. The Diamond Buying Office’s inventory is designed to meet the accurate needs of every customer and includes a vast range of high-quality diamonds that are certified and then assessed internally by our experts for their legitimacy and for their genuine beauty.  The company’s unique ability to access only the finest stones at off-market conditions, and to then sell them at optimal prices with ample discretion, has led the Faltz Diamond & Jewelry group to the forefront of the industry.

DBO has developed a rare expertise in stocking and locating both white and fancy color diamonds from across the globe. Although all diamonds are graded based in their gemological parameters (i.e. the 4 C’s), DBO selects each diamond individually to ensure its overall, genuine beauty. At Faltz Diamonds & Jewelry, this inexplicable, subjective quality that makes each of our stones special is referred to as the 5th C of diamond grading – its Character that can be identified only by the most experienced and talented experts.